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                  ABOUT US

                  About uus
                  About uus

                  Shenzhen hengxingxing Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007. The company has been committed to the development and Realization of high-precision technology. Relying on abundant human resources and strong scientific research and development strength, the company has successfully built an industrial cluster with new high-precision photoelectric technology as the core technology and formed a complete system integrating research, production, sales and technical services.

                  The grating digital display series products produced by our company are all displayed in Chinese, which saves the cost of education and training, greatly improves the production efficiency, and has the characteristics of small personnel change loss, anti-interference, high speed, vibration resistance, etc. This product is suitable for milling machine, grinder, wire cutting, lathe, spark machine, automation equipment. Main products: grating electronic ruler, electronic ruler, machine optical ruler, machine digital ruler, grating ruler, grating display, boring machine grating ruler, three axis grating ruler, magnetic grating ruler, five axis digital meter, electronic ruler, two axis digital meter, 24 V grating ruler, milling machine electronic ruler, wire cutting electronic ruler, lathe electronic ruler, grinder electronic ruler, spark machine electronic ruler, etc.